Homemade Food Gift Ideas

Homemade food gifts are the best kind of gifts, particularly when they're edible, fresh and prettily packed up. There are hundreds of homemade food gifts ideas available on internet; some websites provide recipe video support for people who want to make homemade food gift for their beloved. I also mention here, some interesting homemade food gifts ideas for your family members, friends and colleagues.



Cookies is very likely homemade food gift idea, you can make it at home or can get it prepared from shop. Cookies are so versatile, having different shapes, sizes and kinds. Cookies are very easy to make and serve. Some of the ingredients of cookies include butter, caster sugar, brown sugar, egg, teaspoon vanilla essence, and plain flour. Baking cookies is very simple, take a big bowl and add butter, sugars, and then beat them till they become fluffy. After that add egg and vanilla essence and mix all these items together well. After mixing all these things, bake the cookies your cookies are ready to serve. Now, take a basket, wrap it with beautiful wrapping paper and put the freshly baked cookies in it.

Wreath Cake

Wreath Cake is a very beneficial homemade food gift idea; you can make it easily at home by using simple ingredients. Ingredients of wreath cake include loaves frozen bread dough, brown sugar, candied cherries, butter, light corn syrup, cinnamon and nuts. Take a grease tube pan and Melt two tablespoons butter; after that add corn syrup and brown sugar and pour in pan. Arrange nuts and cherries in the bottom of pan, and then cut bread into slices. Your wreath cake is ready to serve.


The ingredient of Cupcakes include cake flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, eggs, sugar, pure vanilla extract, oil and buttermilk. Preheat oven to 350 F at the time of starting of baking. Take a medium bowl and add cake flour, baking soda, baking powder, and salt in it.  After that add eggs and beat it 10-20 seconds in the electrical mixer. Bake the oval shaped cupcakes in pre-heated oven for 20 minutes, cool it in pan and these are ready to serve.


Candies are another great homemade food gift ideas, there are many types of candies available; some of them include Apple and Apricot Candy, Avocado-Chocolate Truffles, Candied Orange Rinds, Chocolate Turtles, and chocolate clay rose. Moreover, here I am going to mention recipe of rock candy; the ingredients of the rock candy include sugar (sucrose), water, food coloring and flavoring oil or extract (optional). To make this candy, pour the sugar and water into the pan, boil it till make thick sugar solution while continue stirring candy. Then add food coloring and desired flavoring to the solution. After that cool the solution in refrigerator and cut that in to desired shape of crystals.

When the candies are being made, put them into a basket to make it gift. Decorate the basket with beautiful wrapping paper; add ornamental flowers and ribbons to decorate it.

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