Homemade Gift Ideas

It is an amazing feeling to frequently exchange gifts with your friends and family. Gifts always enhance the relationships with loved ones. But always buying gifts from the shops could result emptying your wallets. So why not look towards some really great homemade gift ideas.

Homemade Gift Ideas for Mom

Glass Plate Decorated With Decoupage

Stuff Required:Homemade Gift Ideas

  • A plain glass plate
  • Scraps of wallpaper
  • Tissue paper
  • Glass paint (as per your wish)
  • Decoupage Medium
  • Foam Brush
  • Scissors


  • From the wallpaper scraps, cut out pieces of the designs or pictures you like.
  • Put those pieces of wallpaper scraps on your plate positioning them as you like. Then apply a coat of decoupage medium behind your plate. After that, stick the pieces of wallpaper scrap on the plate and see that the picture side is been shown up. After they are at the right places, apply a good coat of decoupage medium on the wallpaper scrap pieces using the foam brush.
  • Now select a color of tissue paper which you would like to have as the background and stretch it across behind the plate which is still wet. Any pieces of tissue paper coming out of the plate can be cut with scissors to give your plate a neat look. If by chance any wrinkles form, you may not worry because they will give your plate a nice look.
  •  You can coat it for the second and third time after your first coat gets dried. Once fully dried you can decorate the edges of the plate with some glass paint and surely your mom will love this homemade gifts idea.

Homemade Gift Ideas for Dad

A Photo CD Craft

Stuff Required:Homemade Gifts

  • Old CD
  • Felt
  • Photo
  • Craft Glue
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors


  • Trace the CD on a piece of felt and cut it out.
  • Then cut the ribbon of a length of 10 inches and make a loop with the ribbon. Apply glue behind the CD on the top edge and press in the ribbon loop into the glue.
  • Apply glue all over the back of the CD and stick the cut piece of felt properly.
  • Now cut your photo with whatever your shape you like and then give the same shape to the felt but make it around 1 or 1/2 inch wider than the photo.
  • Stick the picture on the felt and then glue that whole thing onto the middle of the CD covering the hole of the CD completely. And so your homemade gifts will be all ready to be gifted.

Homemade Gift Idea for Siblings

Handmade Photo Album

Stuff Required:Homemade Gift Ideas - Handmade Photo Album

  • Chart Papers (no. of sheets depend upon the number of photos)
  • Photos (most effective will be the childhood ones)
  • Crepe paper
  • Beads, fancy buttons or anything else you can use for decoration
  • Poster paints
  • Hole puncher
  • Ribbon
  • Liquid glue


  • Cut out the chart paper with whatever size you like and fold it once so it opens like a book.
  • Cut similar sizes of chart papers.
  • Cover the front of the top cut chart paper with crepe paper and along with that you can add whatever you like for decorating. This will be the cover of your photo album.
  • Now stick the photos with the glue on the inside of the photo album and let them all dry.
  • After the photos are all firmly fixed in their places, its now time to bind all the sheets of cut chart paper into one. You can do that by first making a hole at the edge of the sheets and then tying them up tightly with the ribbon.

This surely will be a perfect one of the  homemade gift ideas for your dear siblings.

Homemade Gifts Idea for Friends

Blooming Flower Pen

Stuff Required:Homemade Gift Ideas Blooming Flower Pens

  • Pen
  • Silk/Plastic flower with stem
  • Green floral tape
  • Scissors


  • Clip the stem of the flower to the pen at least 2 inches above the tip of the pen and that the flower is sitting on the top of the pen. Remove any leaves from the stem.
  • Now tie the whole floral tape around the stem and the pen as tightly as possible.
  • And so a simple pen could be gifted in a beautiful way and your friend will for sure appreciate this homemade gift idea.

So these were the best Homemade Gift Ideas for you. Hope you Enjoyed these.